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Conference 2006
Establishing veterinary homeopathy (goals and results)
Basic concepts for teaching homeopathy at advanced training faculty of higher medical schools
First experience of teaching veterinary homeopathy
Objective substantiation of economic expediency of the use of homeopathic preparations in veterinary
Use of homeopathic preparations for rehabilitation
Critical analysis of homeopathy theories
Physical nature of homeopathy
New forms of helminthosis treatment
Study of dehydrated biosubstrates after body vibration with arnica 6 application
Biological fluid Crystallogenesis in animals
In vitro efficacy of arsenicum album against trypanosoma evansi
evaluation of trinitrotoluenum in clinical management of anaemia associated with canine babesiosis
Prospects for use of nozods in veterinary
Homeopathic complex “a-preparation” effect on the cow genital tract microbiocenosis in acute postnat
Information transfer from herbal homeopathic remedies to body cells
Grounds for antihomotoxic therapy in veterinary practice
Contemporary antihomotoxic therapy of catarrhal bronchopneumonia
Correction of hormone imbalance in cows
Bio-resonance diagnosis and treatment potential in daily veterinary practice
On use of homeopathic preparations in female arctic foxes before rutting
Effect of liarsin on histostructure of reproductive organs of female arctic foxes
Hondartron and hondro-gel in management of heamoarthritis
Use of chondartron in horse hock joint synovitis; practical case.
Traumel in management of surgery cosmetic wounds
Effect of homeopathic preparations travmatin and travma-gel on the mink organism
Increase of bytril effectiveness by means of liarsin
Homeopathy in traumatic iridocyclitis management
“EDAS-103” and “EDAS-105” in management of small domestic animals acute respiratory diseases
Use of the complex homeopathic preparation EDAS 140 in treatment of cystitis in cats
Hepatoprotective effect of liarsin in cases of liver pathologies in animals
“HELVET” remedies in management of otitis
Technogenetic “electromagnetic smog”. its effect on homeostasis
Characteristics of the homeopathic therapeutic method
Influences on proovings
Use of rare homeopathic remedies in pet and owner interdependant deseases (HECLA LAVA)
Updating BARIUM CARBONICUM preparation pathogenesis for kittens
Correction of the psychic state of certain types of dogs by homeopathic remedies
Administration of aurum metallicum
Valeriana officinalis, interdependent state of a dog and its owner (a woman)
Homeopathy in geriatric veterinary practice. practical case
Practical case: warty growths in dog’s mouth
Applied clinical homoeopathy in rural & urban areas of India
Research on diarrhoea in calves, homeopathy as preventative and as treatment
Choosing homeopathic remedy potency in veterinary medicine
Clinical management of bradycardia with abies nigra in a dog
Homeopathic management of estrous cycle disorders
Prevention of Endometritis Progress in Dogs Using Homeopathic Preparations
Treatment of endometritis in dogs with homeopathic preparations
Treatment of ovarian functional disorders in female cats

Курс повышения квалификации по ветеринарной гомеопатии для ветеринарных врачей в  СПб ГАВМ.


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